The Grand Feast
The Grand Feast
Platter Pantry

The Grand Feast

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Celebrate one of the biggest day's of the year with Platter Pantry's ultimate Grand Final experience! Select three platters out of seven options provided and enjoy a game of beer pong whilst sipping on your refreshing Hop Nation Brewing Co. beverage.


What's included?

1 x French cheese Platter

2 x Your choice of side

1 x Your choice of drinks

1 x Beer pong game for fun!!


#1. Platter Pantry's signature french cheese grazer accompanied by fresh antipasto items and traditional favourites

#2. 9x of Burger Burger's delicious sliders. This includes:

- 3x Bedford Brisket: 12-hour slow-cooked beef brisket sliders with house-slaw, cheese, pickles, jalapeños and smoky chilli BBQ sauce

- 3x Chicky Canterbury: Southern-style buttermilk chicken with Swiss cheese, dolce sriracha mayo and house-slaw

- 3x Suffolk Shroom: A Panko crumbed, crispy-fried Portobello mushroom with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, baby spinach, tomato and Burger Burger sauce

#3. 9 x assorted pastries including sausage rolls, beef mince pies and spinach quiches (vegetarian option includes a mix of spinach and tomato quiches)

#4. A mouth-watering chicken, avocado and mango mayo salad, topped with pine nuts and fresh mango slices

#5. An appetising grilled pumpkin, broccolini and Persian feta salad, topped with pine nuts and a balsamic glaze

#6. A beautifully presented fruit platter including a curation of fresh seasonal fruits including watermelon, kiwi fruit, strawberries, blueberries and grapes

#7. 9x scrumptious sweet treats including caramel fudge-filled chocolate brownies, strawberry tarts and carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing

Your free drink selection includes one of the following:

#1. 4x Hop Nation 'The Heart' Pale Ale's

#2. 6x 'Ray Hard Seltzers (including 2x Watermelon & Mint, 2x Peach and 2x Lemon & Lime)

#3. A bottle of Maschio Prosecco 750ml


All orders include a game of beer pong or prosecco pong to keep everyone entertained!

**The vegan cheese platter option includes vegan cheese and no meat. Extra items such as crackers, dip, fruits etc. will be added in place of the meat

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