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Merry Crystals
Merry Crystals
Merry Crystals
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Merry Crystals

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**AVAILABLE TO ORDER BETWEEN 20/12/2020 & 24/12/2020**


Make someone's day a jolly one with our festive DIY cheese box...

This extravagant masterpiece includes a DIY cheese platter with Platter Pantry's most popular Brillat Savarin cheese, a packet of charcoal crackers, pickled figs in syrup, our delicious australian honeycomb, freshly vacuum-sealed meat, juicy cherries and grapes, housemade chocolate bark, sugar star cookies and candy canes all presented on a rustic wooden board from Ivory House. We've added the perfect holiday season touch with Christmas Pine decoration to fill the room with festive scents when opening this wonderful surprise.

Choose one of two crystal necklace options, handmade from Owlite creations along with one of our alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

Crystals by Owlite Creations

Rose Quartz 
Love - Kindness - Compassion
This stone of unconditional love opens the heart chakra to love in all of its forms
Raises self esteem and teaches us to love ourselves. Attracts new love and opens hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion and love. Lowers stress and soothes
Peace - Stability - Mindfulness
Excellent for reducing anxiety, tension and stress. Encourages a deep meditative state and spiritual connection. Releasing any unhealthy attachments or self doubt. Calms and quietens an overactive mind, therefore very helpful for promoting a deep and restful sleep 

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