My name is Sam, and I was raised in Camberwell surrounded by a creative family. My Mum is my biggest inspiration after watching her pursue her career as a successful artist, this injected me with love for creativity. Dad is also a wonderful cabinet maker with incredible attention to detail. My brother has hit the big time as a musical artist, and my sister is a fashionista, working with a leading Australian brand. All of us have learned so much from each other, and I wouldn't be here without them! 

From a very young age, I was fascinated with food. Any chance I'd get, I would be rattling around in the kitchen, cooking pancakes and serving them to my very enthusiastic neighbours in the restaurant I had created in my bedroom. Thank you for that one neighbours!

Now I am in my 30s and still feel that spark inside. I have been building Platter Pantry for nearly 4 years, creating sophisticated/rustic grazing tables and sending delicious gourmet food around Melbourne, ensuring everything I select and present is fresh and high quality.

I am a true Cancerian girl who wears my heart on my sleeve, and I put all of that heart into my food/styling daily.

Making people happy is my genuine desire, and I only hope that happiness is what everyone feels when receiving something I have put together!​

Thank you for supporting me and for loving Platter Pantry.
I hope to make something special for you or for someone you love soon!

- Sam Sparks